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 My name is Kyle Linko, aka The Professor, and I am the Welding Technology teacher at the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County. I have been teaching welding for eight-plus years at the secondary level, and I have taught welding for 6.5 years at the post-secondary level. I truly enjoy waking up each day and going to work, and having the ability to pass along the knowledge that I have acquired through the years, not just in welding but in other phases of construction, business, life, etc. I hope the students see the passion and desire for teaching and understand what a good education in the skilled trades can do for them financially and mentally.    


My educational background: I have a Master's Degree in Educational leadership, with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, with a concentration in Business and Chemistry. I am also a CWE (Certified Welding Educator) and CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) with MT (Magnetic Testing) and PT (Penetrant Testing) endorsements.    


My experience: I spent more than half my life in the construction field; my parents owned an HVAC, Plumbing, and Welding company, so at an early age, I would tag along with my father from job to job, and then I would go on to eventually work for him and my mom. While working for my father, I met many skilled men and women in various trades throughout the years, and welding was the one trade that appealed to me the most. I took a quick interest in welding and learned as much as possible from my father and his workers, applying what I learned to the work field. I also worked for other construction companies throughout the years, learning as much as possible in numerous construction applications. I am also a business owner; I own a Union Mechanical company specializing in HVAC, Plumbing, and Welding in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets. My true talent is changing the world, one student at a time. 



Ryan Eubank is a welding instructor at the Willoughby-Eastlake Career Academy in Willoughby, Ohio.
He teaches 11th and 12th graders and has made a name for himself as a leader in the industry and education. Ryan has dyslexia, rarely emails, and does not maintain social media accounts. However, he does write for trade journals and is a curriculum writer for Lincoln Electric and Texas A&M Ulink Curriculum. Ryan is also the curriculum developer and writer for Lakeland College, where he is also a professor. During summers, he teaches educator workshops. Eubank also teaches welding seminars for the Experimental Aircraft Association. Outside of the high school and
college classroom, Ryan teaches nationally and internationally to over 4,000 students annually.

Eubank's success results from a project-based learning approach combined with an emphasis on community service. Ryan has developed a curriculum that encourages kids to enter the skilled trade sector and bridge the skills gap. He teaches the five basic welding processes during their junior year. Seniors act as mentors, helping juniors engage in projects. He also attributes his drive and passion to his grade school teachers, who treated him with respect and encouragement, rather than those who sent him to the back of the room with the other students with learning disabilities. With respect and motivation in mind, Eubank utilizes a simple technique that identifies, within the first two days of the junior class, the leaders, followers, and 'outliers.' He argues that the leaders will always lead, the followers will eventually lead, but the outliers require his attention. He ensures the whole class functions as a family or a successful sports team by working closely with them.

Ryan also won the Ohio Strong award in 2015 and was nominated for Life Changer of the Year

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